Tribogenics R&D Engineer in Los Angeles, California

Position Summary

The R&D Engineer will be an integral member of the research and development team helping to advance Tribogenics’ novel x-ray generation technology. Under direction from the Director of Radiation Physics, the successful candidate will contribute to laboratory experiments, physics simulations, and data analysis in support of both technological development and product design activities. The role will also involve promoting safe work practices with radiation sources through support to the company’s Radiation Safety Officer.

Responsibilities of this Position:

• Operate test equipment, including x-ray sources, vacuum systems, power supplies, electronics, measurement instrumentation, and other lab equipment. • Under direction from senior scientists, modifying existing test setups and contribute to the development of new ones. • Acquire test data using LabView based systems and make modifications to data acquisition systems. • Perform data analysis tasks using software tools such as Python, spreadsheets, or Matlab. • Contribute to data driven decisions through application of basic statistical analyses. • Perform computer simulations of radiation generation and interactions. • Document results through written reports and presentations. • Apply basic physics and engineering principles to contribute to product design decisions. • Communicate clearly about status of work assignments. Add positively to technical discussions. • Promote safe work practices with x-ray generating machines and radioactive sources.

Requirements of the Position:

• XRF experience highly preferred • B.S. or M.S. degree in Physics or Engineering. • A solid foundation in the physics principles of radiation generation, transport, and interactions. • An inclination toward backing up theoretical understanding with experimental data. • 2 to 3 years experience in experimental based research and development, including electronic instrumentation and data acquisition.

• Experience performing data analysis with spreadsheets and at least one scripting language like Python, Matlab, or R. • Demonstrated understanding of theoretical and practical fundamentals of engineering design, development and testing concepts. • Commitment to safe work practices.