Antelope Valley Hospital Registered Nurse Critical Care - Critical Care Unit - Full Time Nights * in Lancaster, California

Job Description

Job Objective:

A Registered Nurse who is responsible for the nursing care of patients in the Critical Care setting guided by policies and procedures of the Critical Care Unit and hospital.

Essential Duties:

1. Nursing Process:

A. Applies nursing process in direct patient care

1. Assessment of physiological, psycho social, educational, cultural, and spiritual needs of patient as evidenced by written assessment within one hour of admission and visual assessment within fifteen minutes of arrival

2. Documents written assessment every four hours on HTR flow sheet

3. Reassesses patient’s needs every four hours and more often when necessary and documents in HTR flow sheet and patient care plan. Provides further interventions as necessary and re-evaluates outcomes.

B. Care of acutely ill patient

1. Monitors vital sign, i.e. EKG, Sa02, etc. and intervenes as necessary

2. Initiate and monitor vasoactive drips, ie Dopamine, Dobutamine, Nipride, etc.

3. Monitor invasive lines, i.e. central lines, arterial lines, etc.

4. Monitor ventilator patients and intervene when necessary

5. Operate various pain management equipment, i.e. PCA, Epidural, etc.

6. Assess patient for respiratory depressions and/or arrest and intervene immediately if necessary, i.e. CPR, use ambu bag, chin lift maneuvers airways, etc.

7. Responds to codes in unit and responds to codes in other units in the hospital

8. Monitor, assess and intervenes with extremely unstable patients, ie post cardiac surgery, trauma, organ donation, IABP, etc.

9. Insures that patients have a safe post-operative/post-procedural period from general, regional or local anesthesia, including conscious sedation

10. Provide age specific and disease specific care and education to patients/families relating to post-procedural care

2. Nursing Care Delivery Process

A. Meets skills and abilities of a Registered Nurse

B. Demonstrates knowledge of criteria for 1:1 patient

C. Demonstrates knowledge of patient classification system

D. Demonstrates knowledge of staffing guidelines for Critical Care Unit

E. Demonstrates knowledge of conscious sedation

3. Technical Equipment Operation

A. Operates technical equipment safely, efficiently and accurately

1. Pressure line set up and maintenance

2. Cardiac monitors

3. Insertion, maintenance, withdrawal of blood form arterial line, and removal of arterial line

4. Cardiac output

5. Insertion, maintenance and removal of PA lines

6. ICP and/or Camio set up, insertion and maintenance

7. Crash cart/defibrillator/cardioverison

8. Ventilator management

9. Muscle nerve stimulator

10. IABP (if applicable)

11. Transvenous pacemaker/non-invasive pacing

12. Femostop/C-clamp for line removal

4. Safety and Security:

A. Demonstrates knowledge of Critical Care security policies and procedures.

B. Demonstrates knowledge of Critical Care visitation policy.

Required Licenses and/or Certifications:

1. Meets all required licensure and/or certifications necessary for Registered Nurse

2. ACLS certification required on file in Department of Education

Desired Certifications:

1. National Certification (CCRN) on file with the Department of Education

2. National Certification PALS

A detailed description of the physical requirements of this job is maintained in the Employee Health Department.

Company Description

Antelope Valley Hospital is a 420 bed, full service, not for profit, health care facility serving the residents of the Antelope Valley, a high desert area located one freeway hour northeast of Los Angeles. It is a district facility, which serves the community by providing a complex of medical services.