University of Southern California Registered Nurse - Labor and Delivery - Full Time 12 Hour Nights in Glendale, California

Registered Nurse - Labor and Delivery - Full Time 12 Hour NightsApplyLabor and DeliveryGlendale, California

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: Under general supervision of the charge nurse, and directly responsible to the Clinical Director, the staff nurse is accountable for the delivery of skilled patient care, unit activities, and supervision of the team members for a specified shift.


1.Direct patient care activities based on Nursing Process

2.Assessment: Assess the patient and family needs and completes admission assessment documentation

3.Initiates Patient Care Plan from assessment information which includes nursing diagnoses, goals, and interventions

4.Documents patient status at the time of admission, transfer, or discharge to and from nursing unit

5.Planning includes the patient and family in formulating the plan of care

6.Sets priorities in planning for patient needs to include patient and/or family teaching 7.Communicates with and utilizes available resources people within the facility and community in planning all aspects of nursing care

8.Considers social, cultural, and economic factors as they relate to specific patients and families and documents this information on the plan of care

9.Implementation: Performs technical skills safely and according to accepted procedure using Universal Precautions as indicated.

10.Demonstrates ability to use equipment according to accepted procedure

11.Explains procedures, treatments, and medications to patient and family

12.Carries out patient and family requests or explains to them why they cannot be done

13.Is knowledgeable about signs and symptoms of patient conditions most commonly encountered in the newborn, parturient, and post partum patient and understands the patho-physiology as demonstrated by appropriate nursing interventions

14.Is knowledgeable about medications and IV solutions in terms of purpose, side effects, and contraindications in the newborn, parturient, and post partum patient

15.Instructs the patient and/or family in identified knowledge and/or skills deficits

16.Evaluation: Revise Patient Care Plan as necessary, based on daily evaluation of patient’s condition and response to nursing care

17.Evaluates and documents the response of patients and/or family to teaching

18.Leadership Skills: Delegates duties to team members appropriately after assessing patient’s needs and varying skill levels of staff members

19.Guides and supervises team members in the provision of nursing care

20.Provides feedback for team members concerning appropriate or inappropriate nursing interventions

21.Demonstrates responsiveness to team members by listening, providing support, or referring to appropriate source of help if indicated

22.Recognizes own limitations and seeks help from appropriate sources when needed 23.Assumes desk duties when necessary or when assigned

24.Communicates with Clinical Director regarding new or temporary employees assigned to the unit

25.Maintains professional and diplomatic communication with patients, families, staff and physicians

26.Interpersonal relationships/communication skills

27.Makes self available to listen to patient and family concerns

28.Addresses patient with appropriate title as agreed by patient and family

29.Communicates concise and appropriate information concerning patient’s needs and condition to physician and ancillary departments; and by way of inter-shift reports 30.Documents appropriate information by use of problem-oriented charting

31.Professional development: Attends a minimum of three (3) staff meetings per year 32.Participates in Nursing Department committees as requested

33.Seeks experiences to enhance clinical knowledge of the pediatric, adult and geriatric patient as evidenced by maintaining education file on unit

34.Submits copies of CEU certificates for outside seminars to Human Relations Department 35.Current Basic Cardiac Life Support

36.Annual Review of : (a) Hazardous Materials; (b) Fire Safety; © Electrical Safety; (d) Body Mechanics; (e) Radiation Safety; and (f) Infection Control

37.Personal Qualities: Appearance is in accordance with nursing policy

38.Wears complete uniform and photo identification badge

39.Maintains confidentiality regarding patient information

40.Cooperates with and accepts changes in policy, procedure, personnel, and environment 41.Accepts guidance and direction from the Clinical Director

42.Contributes to positive unit atmosphere as evidenced by a smile, eye contact, friendly demeanor, etc, as defined by guest relations policy

43.Is ready to begin working at the scheduled time

44.Utilizes time effectively to complete assignments on time

45.Unscheduled time off does not exceed an average of six to eight days annually 46.Demonstrates flexibility in response to unexpected change in volume, emergencies, staffing, or scheduling

47.In addition to the duties/responsibilities outlined, every nursing employee is expected to: Adhere to hospital and departmental policies and procedures

  1. Perform related duties as assigned

49.Adhere to the lines of authority and communication formulated by the organizational chart 50.Complete medical record as outlined in charting procedure

51.Used Time and Attendance Clock and Exception Sheets as per policy 52.Participate in Quality Management studies and serves on CQI project teams as requested.

REQ20051635 Posted Date: 10/09/2017